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Riding a historical motorcycle is always a pleasure, but having company from friends to do so will create satisfaction from a ride even greater. Having willingness to discover some parts of Europe and Poland as well, make up decision to follow others from abroad and come over to take part in VIII “Droga Kaszubska”.
You will have an occasion to admire the beauty of the Gdańsk city, Wisłoujście Fortress and Museum in Wdzydze Kiszewskie. The base for our Rally is placed in the forest and on the shore of the lake, nothing more you could ask for a change from every day life, once being there you will miss the event going home.



“VIII Droga Kaszubska” 25-28.08.2016
Resort: ROMA Łapino 83-050 Kolbudy
GPS 54.276828, 18.416622
Organizer : Old Bike Club Poland www.drogakaszubska.pl
Marcin Klimczak 604379213 , Marcin Hewelt 501276399
Service: Jarek Milewczyk 662032440 ,
for eanglish Tomek Hewelt 509 666 948

25.08.2016 Thursday
18:00 the opening ceremony
20:00 dinner - discussion circles with friends, bar, café, free time

26.08.2016 Friday
8:00 - 9:00 breakfast
9:30 the opening of the Rally (about 100 kilometers).
10.30 – 11.30 sightseeing „Muzeum In Będominie , tea time
11.30 - 14.30 The sightseeing in Wdzydze Kiszewskie, one of the most wonderful place in the Kashubian lake region, lunch time
16:00 come back to Recreation Centre Roma
18:00 Funny Games
19:00 supper
20:00 discussion circles with friends, bar, café, fire and free time
slide shows with pictures and videos from previous events- we encourage all the participants to bring them with you,
preferably on the CDs

27.08.2016 Saturday
8:00 - 9:00 breakfast
9:30 the opening of the Rally (about 90 kilometres)
10.30 – 11.30 sightseeing „Muzeum Kaszubska Zagroda BIELICKOWO’’ in Kawle Dolne, tea time http://bielickowo.com/
11:30 - 14:30 sightseeing Gdynia and Naval Museum , lunch time
16:00 come back to Recreation Centre Roma
18:00 competition of elegance, slow motion competition
20:00 dinner-banquet, official prize distribution

28.08.2016 Sunday
8:00-9:00 breakfast
End of the Rally

Important information

Only the owners of the motorbikes all marks produced before 1945 and British classic before 1978 will be allowed
to take part in the event. The motorbikes must be original to a high degree.
Applications please sent till 30.06.2016:
vintagebsa@wp.pl mobile: +48604379213

Entry fees:
140.00 PLN for a rider
90.00 PLN for a pillion passenger
30.00 PLN for children (up to 14 years-old)
prices include: banquet on 27.08.2016, entrances to museums, protection for motorcycles, security events, service-car.

Bed and breakfast (including dinner) in Roma Recreation Centre:
90.00 PLN pppn hut LUX (4-5 people)
75.00 PLN pppn hut 4, 5, 8 people, hotel
60.00 PLN pppn 1 person in a tent

Bed and breakfast in hotel Venus http://www.hotelvenus.eu/:
single room 200 PLN prpn
double room 270 PLN prpn

Relation from VII Droga Kaszubska 2014:

our relationship

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